Diaries of a Chair

Diaries Of A Chair image

Diaries of a chair is a game in where you play as a Chair in a relm of humans and you must gather materials to make yourself as comformatable and luxurious as possible as people using you gives you power to move and exist.

Diaries of a Chair is a game that I made as part of a team of 5 people over about two weeks and was a journey into learning the art of Text adventure games. We used a tool/Engine that was purposed built for text adventure games called Twine which creates a HTML file based of what you create in its UI designer. Out of the box Twine is not a very friendly tool for working in a team as the file that the project gets stored in is stored within your browser. you also have the option of downloading a desktop app but the file is still comparable to a binary file that is not particularly friendly for Version control. In the end I dug around and found out that Visual Studio code had a extention that let you create individual text files that then compile to a playable twine game which greatly enhanced our ability to work in parallele and produce more content for the game.


Software used