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World of Color is a 2D top-down rpg video game that is art and fantasy themed, in which you are a young hero artist who must purify the World of the evil monsters who want to purge it of all color.

World of Color is a Game I made during my Senior year of highschool through a Program called WANIC in a class hosted by Digipen. it took place over 4 weeks with a team of 7 (3 programmers, 3 artists, and 1 sound designer), where I took up the role of Lead Tech/Programmer.

the goal of the project was to make a vertical slice of a game where all the features were represented in a single small level. it started off with people who had ideas doing pitch presentations, then "hiring" people onto their team. Once teams were assembled we continued brainstorming what direction and scope the game should have based on what was presented in the pitch presentation.

the base concept we landed on was a 2D top-down rpg where you are a hero who lives in a world of color and art, however, evil entities have descended upon the world to drain it of its color. So using your paintbrush sword you must set out into danger and defeat this threat and return color back to the world

Due to having 3 programmers on the team for such a small project, I had to focus more on leading and coordinating instead of making features. However, I did make a few key features of the game such as the Shader that controls how much color is in the world based on the remaining enemies, and also was applied to represent the player's health by draining the color from their body as you take damage. I also made the system that controls the audio mix that allows for more of the instruments to start playing as you remove monsters from each area

Software used