Floating Dinner table

float Dinner Table

this VFX project was my first experence with doing any VFX work inside of unity. I have always liked the idea of magic so I took that concept and it turned into a levitation type spell where the magic circles appear and cause a dinning table and its chairs to rise up and float. I had also planned for them to spin arround and then eventually shrink into nothingness as a form of teleportation animation but sadly realized that was beyond the scope of the time I had so I had to cut it short which lead to what we see now

Observatory project

this Observatory project was a whole class team project where we all built 2-4 assets which we would use to populate our own Observatory buildings. for my assets I build a desk and a matching Chair, the rest were assets done by other people in the class

building Overview

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Chair and Desk

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3D modeling and animations

Pool Dive

Pool Dive Animation

for this project all I was provided with was a character and the goal of making it go from a high point to a lower point. to achieve this I built a pool and a building to allow for the character to do a dive into water. I used this primarly as an exscuse to play around with water simulations inside of blender

Mechanical Arm

Mechanical arm moving ball

this was my first experence with animation and rigging inside of Autodesk maya. its a simple animation of a Mechanical arm moving a ball from one podium to another

Sokka Bust

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this is the result of my first experence with digital sculpting with the software Zbrush. it is a Bust of the Character Sokka from the animated TV show Avater the Last Airbender. While it was not recommended to sculpt a character who only had 2D drawings as reference for my first sculpt I was determed to do it anyway and it turned out better then I could have hoped for